I Started out racing a go-kart on my own track in the back yard at the age of 4. At age 12 I started racing at the local go-kart tracks in Ohio. July 14, 2001 I raced my first ever race at Stockport, Ohio where I finished 2nd. On my 5th career start I got my first feature win at 339 Raceway on August 24, 2001. My first racing season ended great where I won both heat races and the feature at Wheelersburg Raceway on October 27th. I then went on to race go-karts for another 7 years. In my career of 8 years racing go-karts, I raced a total of 314 events, 114 of those were feature wins. Along with that I ended up with 297 top 10 finishes and won a total of 8 championship titles across the state of Ohio.

In 2008 I decided to move up to the Pure Stock Division. It was a big step moving from the go-kart to the Pure Stock, but I was ready for the challenge. I had to learn all over again how to set up the car and how the car handled around the track. It was a big difference. My best finish that year was 2nd. To end out my first year I finished 6th in the championship points at Skyline Speedway.

Halfway through the 2010 racing season I experienced something no one wants to go through, on June 18th in my heat race I flipped my race car at Skyline Speedway. Luckily it flipped back over and landed on the wheels inside the track and I was able to climb out of the race car without any assistance. The car however wasn’t so lucky, it was totaled. I was ready to race in the feature, I just needed a car, so it was back to the pits to load up a destroyed car. That week we started tearing it apart to see what was still good, wondering what we were going to do now to get back racing.

The next week my neighbor Jimmy Bowers called and said he had a car he wanted me to race. We threw some numbers on and put the seat in the night before and was ready to go. It was my first race back after I flipped. I hadn’t been in the car until that moment, and I went out and won my heat race. I raced his car three times while looking for a new car. I found a car and went on to win my first ever feature win four weeks later in the Pure Stock Division on August 27th. To finish out my last year in the Pure Stock Division I finished 4th in championship points at Skyline Speedway.

In 2011 I decided to move up to the AMRA Modified Division. We then again had a lot to learn in another kind of car. On my first night out in the Modified, I made the feature along with some of the top AMRA Modified drivers. Throughout the year I had a lot of ups and downs with my best finish of 9th in the feature. To end the season I finished 15th in championship points at Skyline Speedway, 7th in AMRA Rookie Points, and 70th in AMRA National Points.

The 2012 season started off rough, still learning the setup of the Modified. As the year went on we had better luck, with a best finish of 7th in the feature event. Ending the year I finished 8th in championship points at The Legendary Hilltop Speedway, 15th in championship points at Skyline Speedway, and 36th in AMRA National Points. In getting a newer chassis over the winter, we have learned a lot in the past two seasons in the Modified and I am looking forward to the 2013 season to begin.